Vine: In Memorandum

By October 28, 2016Trends

Goodbye Vine, we hardly knew ye. Actually, scratch that – we knew ye quite well, which makes the news today even sadder for the team here at Touch. Yes, Twitter is shutting down Vine. After three wonderful years of the six-second looping madness that brought us such stars as Logan Paul and Jerome Jarre, it’s now coming to an end. Here, the Touch team looks back on their favourite Vine memories.


“Twitter Guess Who Board” by Yell Design

We’ve worked with Yell Design on a number of projects and have really enjoyed how they use the platform to tell stories in such a simple and beautiful way.


“Turnip For What?” by The White House

The White House is one of the best examples of Vine used right. It had the perfect balance of humanising politics, and just being entertaining


“Astronauts Be Like…” by Logan Paul

Vine created a new breed of celebrities such as Logan Paul who have built careers out of their ability to create funny videos.


“Bagel Boys” and “Day In The Life Of A Rockstar” by Brendon Urie

“I’ve actually stayed up after a Saturday night party with friends once or twice watching a thirty minute mashup of Brendon Urie’s vines, they’re that good.  He showed the true power of vine, using his incredible voice combined with comedy to draw in so many fans that on Vine he was an influencer first while most fans didn’t even know he was also the lead singer of naughties emo-stars Panic! At The Disco” – Jesse.

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