Trends out for Harambe

By December 23, 2016Trends

To say that 2016 has been a huge year for viral content would be a massive understatement. Pop culture trends have crossed age and social barriers, with meme’s emerging victorious, capturing our hearts and minds. This content doesn’t just live and die on the front page of Reddit anymore, it’s picked up and shared by the mainstream media, politicians, brands and everyday Aussies. Anything that can make consumers pause, absorb and become invested in is something that we should all strive to understand, it’s the kind of hot sauce you want in your bag.

While 2016 on the whole has been an absolute soggy casserole let’s take some time to appreciate all the things that sent us wilder than the Cincinnati Zoo in the past 12 months. It all started with Leo Di Caprio finally making the impossible, possible and winning his first Oscar – upsetting the cosmic balance and sending us all in to a tailspin of increasingly worse upsets.

Beyoncé and Drake melted our puny brains with unexpected album drops and the hunt for Becky with the good hair was on.


Before the soul crushing reality of 2016 set in and we lived in a world where compliments were a thing and sales of white Vans sky rocketed with the arrival of Damn Daniel.


As a nice little switch up from the last few years, Australia got a new Prime Minister and the Election Day snag reigned supreme. We also learnt that Bill Shorten was not to be trusted after he attacked the democracy sausage like this.


It’s been a gnarly year all round for global politics. England discovered the perils of democracy, allowing the nations people to make some really crucial decisions.


And the US just had to one up them, because 2016 hadn’t been cooked enough…


The Cincinnati zoo (read: government cover up) made a crucial decision to shoot Harambe and the rest is history. Producing some of the longest lasting, most reproduced content possibly ever. But for reals, where’s the justice #insidejob.



The Olympics happened, with only minimal meme content despite Mack Horton’s efforts. Got some snazzy new uniforms though – we got a little bit preachy about how good universal health care is tho.


A whole bunch of nerds got together and decided that Pokémon needed to make a comeback…\_(ツ)_/¯


Also, a minutes silence for the celebrities/heroes who were sacrificed on the altar of 2016… Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Democracy, Muhammad Ali, Prince, Harper Lee, Kimbo Slice, Gene Wilder, Leonard Cohen, Fidel Castro, Florence Henderson and Glen Fray – just to name a few because dats a long list and I’ve got word count.

Let’s not forget that not all faith in humanity is lost, a gorilla managed to unite the internet in solidarity for a good 9 months and I guess that’s something.

2016 has been one of a kind, that’s for damn sure. 2017 is a brave new world fam, let me ‘Hold the door’ while you walk on through…


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