One of the most exciting parts about social media is the opportunity to create legitimate two-way conversations with your audience. Through community management, brands have the power to establish a unique voice and a relatable personality.

Community management is often seen as a bit of an admin task. Something you palm off to the intern while the higher ups do the “more serious” work. However, spending time on your community management to inject creativity and personality goes a long way with fans of the page. 

Here are our top three techniques to evolve your community management.

1. Get the ball rolling with the first comment

Inspire commenters to get going with their comments by having your brand speak first. 

It helps humanise the post a bit. It wasn’t just scheduled on some platform. There was somebody on deck to comment right away.  

Check out how Maccas did it to create humour on their 2019 April Fool’s post:


Or look at Netflix:

Netflix community management


2. Match the energy of your commenter

A fun way to get creative with community management is to match the style, tone and mood of the commenter. If they post emojis, respond with a series of emojis. If they write a poem, write them a poem back. 

Fans will really appreciate you getting on the same level as them. Check out how we responded to this comment on the Metamucil Australia & New Zealand page that we manage. Note how matching the energy turned it into a full blown conversation with contributions from multiple authors.

metamucil Community management

Community Management


3. Try out some weird formats

When it comes to community management, if it’s the right brand, there’s no harm in looking past the standard text response.

So many community management responses these days are wry one liners, so if there is someone who goes the extra mile the audience really appreciates it. 

Feel free to go beyond the standard text response. If someone says something about a resume, write a funny parody resume. If someone wants to see a presentation on something, make them a presentation. Check out our response from Metamucil to a commenter who questioned the experience of Metamucil’s mascot, Nugget. Again, it caused the initial commenter to tag a bunch of new friends and create more engagements.

Metamucil Community Management


Or look at UK smoothie brand Innocent. On a post about Christmas traditions that mentioned mini screwdrivers, one commenter did not understand this concept and asked for a presentation:

Innocent Community Management


Community management isn’t an admin task. It’s an avenue to show off your brand’s personality and creativity. Try out some of these techniques and let us know how you go!