Werewolves. Ghosts. Zombies. Kids showing up to your door and walking away with an apple because you forgot to pick up any lollies. These are just some of the things we associate with Halloween. Though it may not be as big of a holiday in Australia as it is in the US, it has been such a cornerstone in popular culture for so long that there are myriad macabre opportunities to jump on some Halloween content. 

Posting Halloween content shows your audience that you don’t just care about selling products and services. It humanises your brand and invites people to jump in on the joke.


Don’t be afraid to camp your style

Halloween by its very nature is a camp holiday. It’s full of garish costumes and bad puns. Try leaning into this with as many puns and spooky visual creatives as you can. Here’s a piece we created for ING for Halloween 2018. To expose the hidden fees that suck out your savings from other financial providers, we created a parody horror movie poster for Account Dracula. 

The audience loved such an unexpected creative coming from a bank and jumped in on the by  sharing their own puns in the comments. 


Start believing in ghost stories

Campiness is one side of Halloween. The other side is about genuine creepiness and fear. See how your brand can jump into a conversation about a genuinely spooky moment in history and talk about it in a way that’s still connected to their brand. Don’t be afraid to up the copy length to tell the story and allow your audience to dwell in truly horrifying facts. To help in this department, check out our previous tips on content writing tips from the master of the macabre himself, Stephen King. 

For our work with aerial imaging company Nearmap, we created the Fearmap series, where we show images of places with dark pasts and tell the chilling stories. The audience can’t get enough and have started sending in their own suggestions! 


Play with the traditional idea of “fear”

Innocent Halloween Content Example

Smoothie brand Innocent had some fun with Halloween in 2016. Rather than looking at the traditional fear of the supernatural, they tapped into the ongoing conversation at the time that 2016 was the worst year ever

Find out things in the real world that annoy or bother your audience and joke about that being the thing to be most scared of this Halloween. Extra points if you can tie it into an ongoing social conversation to create relevance. Examples might include Trump or the Game of Thrones finale.


To sum up

Halloween may not be the right fit for all brands, but as you can see from the above examples, there are many ways to jump on the bloodcurdling bandwagon and create brand love. Have fun with the creative and your audience will too!