Vocus – Amcom Merger


Persuade Amcom Shareholders to cast their vote for a $1.2bn merger with Vocus Communications, to ensure their success in the face of the biggest blocking stake in Australian history from opposing key shareholder TPG. Based on similar voting events, it was likely that 30 – 50% of Shareholders wouldn’t cast their vote, because they didn’t know of the benefits a merger presented them.


Develop video content across numerous forms of digital media, including social, to ensure the potential benefits were not only seen, but clearly understood and propelled action.


The video of Amcom Chairman, Tony Grist, urging shareholders to vote was targeted aggressively to a custom audience of Amcom shareholders across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in a move that the AFR described as ‘digital warfare’.</p> <p>Additional media coverage was generated through gaining reach for the content into the wider ASX community.

The content was surfaced to 1,500 shareholders who went on to vote on the deal.
Shareholders voted YES to the merger in unprecedented numbers, with more than 90% of proxy votes supporting the move – a truly staggering result that will lead to the creation of one of Australia’s most powerful listed companies.