SodaStream – Influencer Program


Raise awareness of SodaStream as a sparkling water brand by building a long term influencer program to create tailored and original social content.


We developed a formula for engaging influencers on an ongoing basis that is both comprehensive and personal. It aimed to use the knowledge and authenticity of influencers to make everyday Aussies fall more in love with SodaStream.


We split our efforts into two streams to build a program off both relationships and gifting, while allocating hero for larger campaigns and hero influencers. While all influencers received a brand brief, we made it a staple of the program to offer up a challenge for influencers to undertake using their SodaStream. Whether it was going entirely plastic-free for a day to understand how SodaStream contributes to reducing plastic in the home or to create the perfect cocktail for summer themed parties, our influencers rose to the challenge and created some beautiful and engaging content.

In 2016, the team finished the year securing 53 influencers, to co-develop a total of 181 pieces of content – 20 of which were used on owned channels for social advertising. This content combined to attract 143,169 social engagements and 154,623 total blog and video views, for a cost per engagement of $0.08.