Princess Cruises – World Cruise


Princess Cruises required a campaign to stimulate additional demand for the increase in capacity on World Cruises itineraries.


Our solution was to engage Jo Castro, blogger of Lifestyle Fifty to cruise as Princess Cruises’ resident storyteller, documenting her experiences to create long form, image rich and video content representing the entire World Cruise experience.


Jo provided a compelling vision of life at sea, amplifying content through her own channels daily and also hosted a number of informal workshops to empower other cruisers to share their highlights. Touch populated a dynamic microsite so that audiences could track the journey in real-time and compiled highlight reels using Jo’s images and videos which was seeded out through social video advertising.

This campaign contributed to Princess’ biggest booking day ever for world cruise which coincided with 2016 World Cruise Departure. More than 2 million impressions were made across our influencer’s channels, while Jo developed 52 blog posts and 73 video posts, garnering an engagement rate of 3.38% and 464 reader comments. Highlight reels, gained over 27,000 views and 210 social shares while media coverage landed for Jo’s trip in 15 publications.