Primary IVF – Community Launch


We were asked to create visibility of Primary Health Care’s bulk billed IVF Clinics to drive patient appointments via an integrated campaign. Based on the very personal and emotional nature of IVF services. Touch knew that their audience would be highly engaged and would require emotionally and intellectually supportive content in order to foster a community of brand advocates.


Build a social community around the Primary IVF brand that brings hope to aspiring families and supports them across the entire IVF journey, building positive advocacy both inside and outside of the channel, and increasing enquiries.


Touch wanted to reflect the caring nature of Primary IVF in social and did this through a mix of content, social advertising and customer service. Touch was able to foster a community of brand advocates on Facebook who actively engaged with the brand and other followers as support for the IVF community. Touch was able to source multiple case studies through the page, who have since shared their personal stories through the Primary IVF blog and broadcast TV, reaching an audience of 1.8 million.

Touch reached 46,675 Australians through compelling content, drove 7,924 website visits and converted 181 in-person GP appointments.We also collected audience data of 8,500 interested users for further marketing.7,000 views and 210 social shares while media coverage landed for Jo’s trip in 15 publications.