Optus – Agents of Yes


Create a long-term partnership between Australia’s top influencers and Optus to build brand equity in the eyes of millennials.


Activate a ‘YES Moment’ for a range of millenial influencers, that allows them to live life to the full and offers incentive to commit to a long-term commitment to a partnership with Optus.


Through deep social listening, we gained insight into our influencers’ quirks, interests and loves. Using this data, we crafted gifts unique to each influencer to act as our first point of contact to discuss the program.<br /> Once we had their attention, we activated ‘YES Moments’ with six of our influencers to help them to tick their own personal bucket list. We helped make dreams a realtity, like creating a wall mural at Bondi Sea Wall, aerial photography across Tasmania or taking a Parisian fashion tour of the original Chanel store.

All six influencers agreed to become Optus YES Agents for a 12 month period, supporting several commercial campaigns throughout the year.
A total cost per engagement of $0.007 for the combined activity.