Gumtree – Influencer Program


Gumtree approached Touch to develop an ongoing platform for engaging influencers across a wide range of verticals to support with product education, commercial activities and boosting SEO.


We aimed to identify and engage seven hero influencers to onboard for ongoing work with Gumtree, while executing on a tactical outreach program with secondary influencers to support in providing ongoing amplification.


Touch conducted deep social listening to understand the unique passions of each influencer and used insights from this to develop a surprise and delight outreach gift, sourced through Gumtree, that gave the influencers background to what the platform is about and the unique stories of the community. We then activated each influencer to undertake a content project for Gumtree of their choosing to introduce the brand to their audiences. With the content project enacting a loose contract, they are now onboard for working with us across the next 12 months on commercial projects.

Just three months into the program, we have on-boarded all seven influencers and are currently engaged on the first piece of commercial work. Between this and the tactical influencer program, we’ve achieved an audience reach of 1,631,812, stemming from 15 influencers who created a total of 25 pieces of content across blogs and social. Content generated more than 100,000 social engagements and saw an average engagement rate of 4.5%, while every piece included an element of product education and backlinks.