Australian Hearing – The YES Test


On World Hearing Day, empower, educate and encourage Australian’s over the age of 55, to take a hearing test online.


We introduced the idea of “The YES Test” – a video for social media and an online quiz tool that would empower Australians to take control of their own hearing health: doing the test in the privacy of their own home.


We developed a short video with well known Aussie comedian Mikey Robbins that asks a handful of easy questions to viewers to identify whether they should take a quiz at the end, and from there, book a hearing health check-up. To mark World Hearing Day, it launched ‘The Yes Test’ on Facebook and through the website to coincide with Public Relations efforts landing.

Our hearing “YES Test” reached more than 675,000 Australian’s, driving a total of 2,329 people to take the online test itself. Over half (54%) of people who completed the test were over 55 years old, with one in three eligible for Australian Hearing services. The video itself drove a total of 7,846 clicks with a 3.59% click-through-rate and 16.76% engagement rate. While the team achieved 131,314 total views more than 10 seconds in length over 60% of viewers completed more than 50% of the video.