Instagram is introducing a new feature that will make it easier for users to tell if a post is the result of a paid partnership. Users will begin to see the sub-header, where the tagged location usually sits, that reads “Paid partnership with” to disclose whether it has been produced in conjunction with a brand. The label will make it much easier to distinguish sponsored content from other posts in feeds.

Previously, there have been many different methods that Instagram influencers had chosen to disclose that they were being paid, including using hashtags like #ad and #spon. Instagram is hoping this new tag will result in a standardised format that will increase transparency in a largely unregulated influencer industry.

Once the influencer tags the brand, the brand must accept the relationship before the tag appears. Acceptance also means the brand will have access to the same post data that the influencer receives, such as post reach and engagement.

The feature is currently in test phase with a number of brands and influencers, with a view to being rolled out universally in the coming months.