What’s Touch?

Social media and content marketing that helps brands connect meaningfully to their audience to drive conversations, loyalty and leads.

Our vision is to solve complex business problems through outstanding creative ideas, technically excellent execution and content led multi channel campaigns.

We help brands successfully navigate the whitewater
of technology and communication to spark audience curiosity and action.

We believe in 3 things


The internet was made to be interesting and we intend to keep it that way through an unrelenting focus on meaningful audience insights, great content and laser sharp targeting


Originality is at the heart of what we do, so leading innovation and pushing intellectual curiosity is our reason for being and what allows us to connect brands and audiences


Whether it’s awareness, intent or conversion driving, everything is measurable, we are wholly accountable and don’t operate on assumptions

How we do it

Touch brings together a multi-discipline team, including specialists in strategy, creative, content, design, video, media buying and analytics. As part of Herd MSL we form one of Australia’s largest communication groups with more than 50 staff.

What makes us Swipe right?

We work with brands we love, that aren’t afraid of creativity or challenges and, like us, are:

+ Collaborative more than siloed
+ Driven by curiosity rather than the same
+ Act like entrepreneurs instead of followers
+ Solve problems, not stress over them
+ Inspired, rather than afraid of creativity