Touch was tasked to leverage the 2016 Sea Princess World Cruise to engage new and existing customers over a 105 day cruise duration, and to maintain momentum into the 2017 World Cruise booking period. Aside from this, the challenge was to create a thread of content across the entirety is not only engaging and relevant, but hits Princess’ 45+ target audience.


Touch recommended engaging a popular over 50’s influencer to act as our on-board reporter and content creator throughout the duration of the cruise. This would enable us to develop a constant stream of content to utilise for Princess channels, as well as providing us a spokesperson for media opportunities. Most importantly, it would also open up access to a highly targeted influencer audience.


Touch invited Jo Castro, writer behind the popular Lifestyle Fifty blog, to partner as part of the 2016 World Cruise initiative. and was tasked to narrate the experience of a World Cruise through her website. Through written, visual and  covering everything from ship features and experiences and bringing to life the destinations visited, to telling the stories of the passengers and crew members met along the way. While Jo was creating content, Princess developed an interactive map where users could see the live itinerary and updates from Jo as they were posted.


When Jo arrived home in Sydney after 105 days at sea, 846 total pieces of content had been developed documenting the World Cruise, including 52 blog posts, 80 short videos and over 700 social posts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Through her content and amplification, we reached a potential audience of over 2.2 million, generating 30,620 social engagements and over 120,000 organic views of blog and video content. Following Jo’s return, Touch are currently developing a sizzle reel video from Jo’s content journey to use as social advertising in the lead-up to the 2017 World Cruise.